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Veganomicon Pineapple Cashew Quinoa Stir-Fry

26 Apr

Flipping through the Veganomicon, this recipe caught my eye. It’s full of things I love… pineapple, cashews, garlic, ginger…mmm! It wasn’t until I read this post though, that I actually went out and bought what I needed. I thought the canned pineapple substitution worked great. It gives you just the right of juice needed to cook the quinoa, and the pineapple is already prepped for you! : )

I cooked the quinoa & edamame a couple days in advance, when I had the time. Per Isa’s recommendation, I prepped all the ingredients first. (Which is what I used to do when I first started cooking so I could focus on the cooking part & not burn things!) So everything was ready to go, and it goes pretty quickly.

Green onions & garlic, sliced chili pepper and ginger, red pepper and edamame

Mint and basil, toasted cashews, cooked and cooled quinoa, braggs, vegetable broth and mirin.

I used about 1.5 tbsp of peanut oil instead of the 3 called for.

I didn’t have to cook the last addition [of quinoa and pineaple] quite as long as the recipe called for before it was piping hot and ready, about 8 or 10 minutes.

I was a good girl and did what I was told for once, and even garnished it with lime wedges as she suggested!

This was a very satisfying dish. Lots of flavors and the squeeze of lime on top was nice too. Oh, and as is usual for most cookbooks, this 4 serving dish ended being about 3 big ones.

Veganomicon Black Beans in Chipotle Adobo Sauce (with cheezy rice)

20 Apr

So I was super beat last night, and decided I could muster up the strength to make this fairly simple recipe from the Veganomicon. I’m just going to tell you right up front, if you are in a hurry and don’t feel like waiting 40 minutes for the canned black beans to simmer, don’t! I think it would have been just fine if I heated the rinsed black beans up and just put this sauce on top, because that’s really where all the flavor comes from. (I will do this next time!)  I had made this “cheesy” brown rice when I got home using some things that I know usually go into vegan cheese sauce/nutritional yeast sauce, and it made a tasty bed for this dish, so I’ll include the recipe below. PS – Want the *RECIPE*  ? Here’s the link to the sample page on amazon.com!

See all that foam? That’s the stuff in beans that creates gas. Be kind to yourself and others, and rinse your beans thoroughly first! ; )

So I read a bunch of reviews of this recipe before making it, and some of them said that the beans themselves were a little bland. The recipe calls for 2 cans of rinsed black beans, 1 bay leaf, 1 onion peeled & halved and 3 cups of water to be brought to a boil and simmered for 40 minutes. I added an extra bay leaf, a bouillon cube and 2 pieces of kombu (seaweed for tenderizing beans & reducing gas). At the end I drained the beans and removed the bay leaves, onion and kombu.

Hooray! Since you’re going to dirty your food processor to make the sauce anyway, why not use it to chop your onions and garlic first? I love doing this and saving myself the knifework and tears! And about 5 pulses later…

I just lightly misted a skillet with olive oil instead of using the 3 tbsps as recommended. I also started them out on a low-med setting and cooked them for double the time called for and then brought them up to medium to get some color on them before adding the peppers and adobo sauce.

Results: I sprinkled with some fresh cilantro and served over my cheezy brown rice. (recipe below!) The fresh cilantro was a nice fresh contrast against this very warm cooked dish. The sauce WAS delicious. I will definitely make the sauce again to serve over simply heated beans.

Cheezy Brown Rice

1.5 cups brown rice
3 cups [filtered] water
1 bouillon cube

*1/2 cup nutritional yeast
*1/2 tsp garlic powder
*1 tsp onion powder
*1 tsp dijon mustard
salt & pepper to taste

*measurements are approximations

Directions: Add rice, water and bouillon to a medium pot and bring to a boil. Boil for a minute or two, cover and drop to low heat to simmer for 45 minutes. Turn off heat and mix in all other ingredients, to taste.

Veganomicon Eggplant-Potato Moussaka with Pine Nut Cream

11 Apr

Okay, the first thing I should tell you is that I made an almond cream, instead of the pine nut cream. Pine nuts are expensive, and I had about 1/4 c. of sprouted (soaked & dried) almonds just waiting to be used up. I did get the idea from them though; they mention somewhere else in the book that they used almonds for pine nuts in a recipe. I’d be curious to taste the pine nut version though, because I thought the cream sauce came out a bit too lemony, and my changing the flavor profile like that could certainly be why. If making this with almonds, I’d recommend dropping the lemon juice from 3 tbsp to 1 tbsp. Though it was less noticeable when everything was mashed up on the plate. ; )

The second thing is the cinnamon. I was free handing it, and I forgot this cinnamon shaker gets crazy sometimes, so I ended up with more like a 1 – 1.5 tsp. instead of the 1/4 tsp. called for in the recipe. You could definitely smell it as the sauce was simmering, but it ended being really good and not overpowering at all. Of course I like cinnamon in savory dishes, so it was a happy accident for me.

Third, I don’t know if I made 1/4″ slices or not. I was pretty confident that I was until I was assembling, and then I wasn’t so sure. Maybe they could have been thinner? It all worked out. Also, I weighed out the pound of eggplant and zucchini at the store, but I bought a big bag of potatoes. So I just kinda approximated the amount based on what the first two sliced up like. I ended up using 4 medium potatoes.

Last, I cut the oil down a bit. After misting the pot that I made the sauce in, I just used some of the veggie broth to splash in when the shallots got dry.

And on to the pix!

First I sliced up all the veggies and got them roasting. The potatoes roast a little longer than the other two.

As soon as the zucchini cool, squeeze out all the extra water.

Shallots & garlic!

The sauce after simmering.

Almonds and lemon juice for the cream sauce.

Two layers of eggplant, potatoes and sauce and then half the bread crumbs & the zucchini.

Last layer topped with sauce and bread crumbs.

Smothered in cream sauce.

Looking good and smelling amazing.


This was really good. Like a wonderful vegetable lasagna, without noodles. I had never made or even heard of mousakka before, and apparently it’s a Greek dish that’s traditionally made with lamb, tomatoes, eggplant and topped with a cheese sauce. I even dismantled a piece of the leftovers and used it to make an AMAZING pizza a couple of days later. The only thing I would change would be the lemon, but that’s just my personal preference. It was yummy and made a lot!


Veganomicon Chickpea Quinoa Pilaf

7 Apr

So I decided to start flipping through the Veganomicon again. There are SO many recipes in that book, and with only great successes so far, I’m happy to keep on trying them out!  I picked out 2 recipes starring chickpeas/garbanzos to make this week.

The only adjustment I really made was using a large red onion, and ground coriander instead of crushing the seeds myself. What’s weird is that if you google this recipe, some people list it as having a finely diced medium carrot too. I’m not sure if this is in another edition, but it’s not listed in mine. It would probably make a tasty addition though. Even though they have it under side dishes, I served it as dinner last night. Between the chickpeas and the quinoa, it’s pretty hearty. It came out to two dinner servings and a little leftover.

I’ve started using my food processor to chop onions and garlic lately.

Here it is right before the broth addition. Onions, garlic, tomato paste, spices and quinoa.

Turned out really flavorful and yummy. Definitely a keeper recipe!!

Veganomicon Chickpea Cutlets, Oven Fries & Salad Dinner

14 Mar

The Veganomicon’s Chickpea Cutlets are really divine. I made them almost the same way as last time (here!), but decided to try cutting the oil down this time and got excellent results! I always double this recipe, so I cut the 4 tbsp of olive oil down to 3, and used 1 tbsp of water. It didn’t compromise the texture or taste one bit. Next time I will probably use half oil and half water. I will also triple the recipe because it’s just that good, and doubling only leaves enough for lunch leftovers for 1 person in this house! ; )

I made the oven fries on a baking sheet right next to the patties for the last 30 minutes. Potatoes misted with olive oil and sprinkled with steak seasoning! Easy!

I really like using my food processor to make these, but you don’t need to. I mash the chickpeas and oil/water with the metal blade and then change to the dough blade before adding the remaining ingredients and do most of the kneading in there.

Then I knead this dough ball just slightly on the counter before dividing it into 8 patties.

Ready for BAKING. Use the baking method! It’s the best!

Veganomicon’s Pumpkin Crumb Cake

3 Jan

I almost forgot to tell you how AMAZINGLY yummy this cake was! I brought this to christmas dinner and everyone loved it. They were also quick to tell me that they couldn’t tell it was vegan. hah! I used chopped almonds & raw pumpkin seeds in place of the pecans in the topping. It was moist and really nicely spiced. It’s excellent with some chai tea too, and made the house smell awesome! I was making a lot of stuff that day, so I only have this one picture for you, but seriously, try it!

Veganomicon Udon with Shitake Mushrooms and Kale in Miso Broth

24 Dec

So since I posted on the chickpea cutlets, I went through the Veganomicon and picked out a few more recipes to try. I picked this since I wanted to get some kale in this week, and I’ve been wanting to try to make something with shitake mushrooms. Since I started eating Amy’s roasted vegetable pizza I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that I like shitake mushrooms, and I wanted to confirm this. I’ve always avoided mushrooms like the plague, so I’m not sure if you know what a BIG deal this is. Turns out shitakes are delicious… at least in this dish. : )

This was a wonderful bunch of firsts. I had never had udon noodles, and they are pretty high in protein. Basically like whole wheat spaghetti, and the two could certainly interchange in this dish. Also, I finally bought some pricey mirin. So I can now make dishes that call for it. I bet it’s way cheaper in an asian market, but I got mine at WF. I also finally bought some miso. Alicia Silverstone says in the kind diet that barley miso is the most medicinal, so this what I bought. I thought it was funny that my miso came with a health advisory right inside of it, in fact.

Since I was unfamiliar with this dish and most of the ingredients, I went ahead and prepped everything before getting started so I could just focus on cooking and timing.

I put in just a little bit of extra ginger. It was really good. Definitely a keeper recipe, and I got the kale in too! Plus I got to use the new chopsticks that I picked up in NYC last time!  :D

Veganomicon Chickpea Cutlets – Baked

18 Dec

These are so yummy!  I really should try a new recipe from the Veganomicon, but I repeated these again. Not to worry, I’m back to cooking regularly, so I will be sure to explore more. Anyway, after panfrying them the last time, I read a review by someone who baked them (they have baking instructions in the book too) and I thought I would like them even more with a less chewy texture. Well, I was right.

I went ahead and used a whole can of chickpeas/garbanzos and doubled everything else in the recipe. (FYI: There were only 2 left after the 2 of us were done. I ate the 2 the next day for lunch. So double or triple accordingly!) I used panko for the breadcrumbs this time too. I started with the steel blade in the food processor and added the chickpeas and olive oil. Then I switched to the doughblade and added the rest of the ingredients. I finished it off with a minute or too of additional hand kneading on the counter, because it was just a little too much for my food processor’s capacity.

I ignored the instructions on the 4×6″ cutlet size and shaped them into patties instead, and managed to fit all 8 in a 9×13″ pan. I also passed on the instructions for adding extra oil to them at this point, as they have more than enough olive oil in them already, and had no problems with them sticking to the glass pan, and they browned up nicely. I baked them for 15 minutes, flipped, 15 minutes flipped and an additional 5 minutes for good measure.

Delish! I served them with some roasted asparagus (tossed with olive oil, salt & pepper, garlic and a touch of lemon juice & cooked right along side on a separate baking sheet for 30 minutes) and some smashed red skin potatoes.

This is definitely a keeper recipe! :D

veganomicon: chick pea cutlets with spinach salad

6 Jun

okay, so i’ve been meaning to try this recipe for what is essentially chickpea seitan, the veganomicon chickpea cutlets, pg 133. since i had to make some bread crumbs in my food processor anyway, i made the entire recipe in there by switching to the dough blade.

i started with 1 small piece of toast and pulsed it until i got fine crumbs. this really worked out because it gave me the exact amount, 1/2 c. that i needed.

after setting those aside, i added the chickpeas and oil and pulsed until they were thoroughly mashed.

at this point i switched the metal blade for the dough blade, and added all the other ingredients. (subs: i used shoyu for soy sauce, lemon juice for zest, and turmeric & cayenne for the hungarian paprika) this worked really well, and i could definitely see all those strings of gluten.

from here you just divide the dough into 4 patties, and pan fry or bake. instead i used my new large skillet sprayed with olive oil, and this worked well.

(as an aside, i’m really impressed with my new LC skillet. it has the same black enamel that they put in their grill pan, and this was my 3rd use and it’s already just about non-stick. i’m so impressed in fact, that i will probably buy a small one now to replace the small non-stick pan i’ve kept around for pancakes.)

side salad: recipe called for 1 c. of cooked chickpeas. i used a 15oz. can, and saved the extra for a side salad.  to the chickpeas i added chopped red pepper & onion, spinach, and sprayed it with a little olive oil, splashed some white balsamic vinegar, and salt & pepper.


these were pretty great. i can see that all kinds of legume/flavor combinations are possible as variations, and they were easy to make. if you’re serving to guests, you may want to make an extra big batch. ; )

veganomicon: hot sauce-glazed tempeh

24 May

so, at the bottom you will find my review of the veganomicon hot sauce-glazed tempeh. but first, a few things!

1. so i bought the le creuset 12″ skillet that i’ve wanted for a long time in the cassis, purple color. i think the only other piece that i would buy & really need is the 2 1/4 qt saucier. i would love the 7 qt dutch oven, but really, it’s too big to use all the time, and it’s really pricey. regardless, i added them both to my wishlist. one day!

2. i’m having trouble uploading pix off of my memory card onto my computer, resizing, and uploading without them becoming unusable? i don’t know what i’m doing new or wrong. maybe it’s the memory card getting old? (guess i’ll be back to cameraphoning it!)

3. drove up to darbster tonight to try to eat dinner there, (waterfront vegan dining) only to find that they were closed. thankfully they’re not out of business, just closed on monday & tuesday. turns out sublime is closed monday too. sad. ended up having a feast for under $10 at taco bell, so it didn’t end too badly.

and now on to the recipe!

Veganomicon: Hot Sauce-Glazed Tempeh, pg 129

involves simmering tempeh for 10 minutes and marinating for an hour in wine, hot sauce, olive oil, soy sauce, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, oregano, and cayenne.

i then cooked them in my new skillet with olive oil over medium heat for about 10 minutes of flipping and marinating.


i would suggest using a hot sauce that you *love* the flavor of. i used tabasco, and it was a little too much of that taste. the cheap cooking wine that i used prolly didn’t help either! hah ;)   it was still good, just too tabasco-y.

will tweak and find a happy place. i served it with the stoplight salad over spinach and dressed with a little more balsamic vinegar.

i had more pix but couldn’t get them up. (see #2!) sorry! i really wanted to show off my new pan!