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Green Smoothie Lunch

12 May


Today’s smoothie was… water, almond milk, raisins, blue curled kale (lots!), very ripe bananas, peaches and blueberries with raw cacao & a lil bit of raw agave! : )

Super Green Smoothie

6 Mar

I put this up on the facebook page, but not on here, but it was such a pretty green today, so I wanted to share! I keep making them greener and greener, ie. regardless of color, upping the greens in my ratio.

Today’s smoothie ingredients were fairly simple:

frozen spinach
frozen blue kale
frozen mango
frozen pineapple
filtered water
almond milk

Green Smoothie #19

3 Mar

So here’s a picture of my 19th green smoothie at work today. (I’m a radiation therapist in case you’re wondering what all those sci-fi looking keyboards are for!) This is my little setup these days. I use one of my humongous Beatles Love cups to tote my approximately 32 ounces of greens & fruit to work every day and drink it through my purple metal slurpee straw. (I originally bought it just because it was purple, and hardly used it, but it’s turned out to be absolutely perfect for these!) Today I decided to try a scoop of raw cacao powder in the mix.

Green Smoothie #19

*Fresh Kale, about 3 cups
a handful of fresh parsley
2 1/2 cups of filtered water
1 apple, quartered
2 bananas
* 3/4 c. frozen mixed greens (collards, kale, mustard greens)
*1/2 c. frozen mixed berries
*1/2 c. frozen mango
*1/2 c. almond milk
1/4 cup raw cacao
raw agave
a handful of ice

* measurements are approximations

The berries took it from a very vibrant green to a brownish color, which is what gave me the inspiration to try the raw cacao. I also had 2 bananas in there so I thought it’d be a nice complement. This came out extra thick and made a ton! The Vitamix was totally full. I had to drink some before I could pour it all into these giant cups! : )

Vitamix Green Smoothie #1 (green smoothie #13)

24 Feb

Okay, so after hours of watching Vitamix videos, and reading comparisons with Blendtec, I came to the conclusion that I’d made the right decision in a power blender. (If I did indeed need a power blender at all!) Vitamix appears to be the best one for green smoothies… precisely what I plan to make in them. Another look at their 30 money back guarantee brought to my attention that they will even pay for your shipping back if you want to return it. So fine. I opened up the manual/recipe book/materials it came with and popped in the DVD.

Even after watching all the demos of it’s features, I still think I will mostly be using it for green smoothies. Occasionally soup. (it can make HOT soup!) And every so often frozen desserts. (it can do ice cream in minutes, and other such frozen type treats.) Wait! Am I keeping it? I still hadn’t taken it for a test drive, as I was out of greens this morning. A stop at the store for some organic spinach was all I needed to take it on it’s first test run.  And we have video…

As you can probably tell I was really impressed with the results. Similar ingredients in the KitchenAid were still yielding smoothies that you had to chew a bit per sip. This was actually smooth. The only bits still visible were teeny little bits of the apple skin, which probably would have disappeared if I’d kept on blending. (It blended so fast!) Oh, and that whole worried about it not locking onto the base thing? I didn’t notice a problem. So yah, it’s looking like the Vitamix might have to stay… :D

Today’s Smoothie was:

2 cups of water
*1/2 cup of almond milk
*4 cups of spinach
1 apple, quartered, core intact
1 banana
*1/4 c. frozen berries
*1/2 c. frozen mango
*1/2 c. frozen pineapple
drizzle of raw agave

*these measurements are approximations!

Green Smoothies 6 & 7: the processor upgrade

19 Feb

On my way down to the Univision awards show, my sister and I were talking. I was telling her about the whole green smoothie thing, and how thursday morning’s attempt had resulted in me tying a towel around the processor when green juice had started to spurt out. She generously offered me her much more modern, never used, red KitchenAid.

I was a little resistant to curb the almost 30 year old cuisinart. That is until I tried her KitchenAid. Not only is it a lot easier to clean (less parts) but it has some other nice little features, and got my smoothies WAY SMOOTHER! Still chewing each sip a bit, but much better. She’s really excited about my new Vitamix too. She’s apparently been wanting one for herself for some time. So until it arrives, I’ll be using this. Oh! and I’m able to get a little more in there, and no overflowing out the top! : )

Hello. I am the new processor in town. Don’t I look lovely next to the purple mixer? : )

Green smoothie #6: extra fruity. Red swiss chard, apple, bananas, and mangoes.

Green smoothie #7: collard greens and apples

You can see the greens are chopped much finer in the new processor. I used 6 big collard leaves, and about 2 cups of frozen spinach along with water, an apple, 1/2 c. of almond milk, a banana, frozen mangoes and a handful of raisins just to see how it handled them. No problem!

Green smoothie #5: the apple secret!

16 Feb

No smoothie pic today, I do apologize, I was in a hurry. It looked very much like yesterday’s though!

Instead of doing three big full leaves of red swiss chard, I just put in two, and the last of the frozen kale and some frozen spinach. I added water and almond milk, and blended away. Today I went with the frozen peaches to try something new, and it still wasn’t sweet enough, so I decided to try an apple. The first 3 that I made with apples were good, so it seemed like a good plan.

YES! Apples are the perfect complement to greens, I now realize. I also added just a little maple syrup. Yay! I stopped and bought some more [organic] red delicious on my way home today for the rest of the week. So apple a day it shall be.

PS- If you’re buying apples make sure you buy organic. Apples are very high up on the “dirty dozen” list of produce most contaminated with pesticides.

Green Smoothie #4

15 Feb

Okay, day number 4 of green smoothies…

When I went to Whole Foods last night to get brownie supplies, I also went to pick up some fresh greens and frozen fruits for my smoothie making. I picked up two bunches of red chard (because they were on sale) and a bunch of collard greens, a bag of fresh spinach, bananas and frozen spinach, mixed berries and mangos. I also have a few bags of frozen peaches that I had been thinking about making into a cobbler, but may sacrifice to the smoothie cause.

Well today I was super excited to try out my new greens. The red chard is so pretty that even though I’d never eaten it before I was sure it’d taste amazing. As it turns out red chard tastes REALLY strong! (and almost a bit salty!) I mixed the greens and water and almond milk first, and managed to get them a little better blended than days past. But man, the taste was SO much stronger than the frozen kale had been. I added a banana and some berries to try to sweeten it up, and tasted again. Still not sweet. I hadn’t used any sweetener so far, but I could see today was the day. I added a tiny bit of agave and a teaspoon of sugar. Better. I added some frozen kale and more berries and some raisins. I didn’t taste it again. The processor again hated that late raisin addition so they didn’t get really blended in and I packed it up and took it to work.

I think with a stronger green like that I’m going to have to pick some sweeter fruit. The bananas weren’t fully ripe, and berries, well, they’re not that sweet. It was drinkable, but not pleasant in the way the last 3 had been, even though the texture was much better. Oh well! Try again tomorrow! I have lots of options ; )

PS- Cannot wait ’till the vitamix gets here! I am definitely realizing the processor’s limitations in green smoothie world. Like that it leaks out the top if it’s too full! :P

Green Smoothie #2

13 Feb

Today’s green smoothie was definitely green! I decided that I could up the ante to two cups today, and it came out great. This was almost like eating an energy bar in two ways. The first, well, I’m still using a food processor, so it’s still chewing each sip. The second, I added in a tiny bit of cashews and raisins at the end, so they didn’t get processed as much, and added a nice texture to my chewing! : ) Incidentally, it seemed like that last raisin addition kind of stressed out my cuisinart. I got a little worried as it struggled, and that’s when I decided that the extra texture would be just fine.

Today’s recipe was:
1 apple, cored & cut into chunks
8 strawberries, with leaves
2 c. of frozen, chopped blue kale
1 c. of filtered water
1/2 c. of almond milk
4 cashews
1 tbsp. of raisins

Yields 2 full glasses

Also, I went ahead and ordered one the refurbished vitamixs yesterday. They give you a 30 day guarantee, so that’s plenty of time for me to make an informed decision when it arrives. Apparently they make each one to order, so it won’t be here for at least a couple of weeks.

Green Smoothie Experiment w/ food processor

12 Feb

So if you follow the facebook page, you may have seen me post that I am currently reading the book Crazy Sexy Diet. It’s been motivating me to make all kinds of changes like getting in more raw foods, changing my soap, exercising, and thinking about other things like regulating my sleep cycle, and adding in yoga & meditation. Another thing I definitely want to incorporate however, is the green smoothie. I had ordered the book Green for Life through the amazon vine program to review a while back, and it didn’t really catch my interest at the time. Now I’m happily reading through this thin volume to figure this whole thing out. (and now I’ll finally be able to write the review for it!)

So from what I can tell, if you want to make super smooth green smoothies you need a really fancy blender like a vitamix, for example. I thought that before making an investment like that, I should A. try this thing out first and B. give my cuisinart food processor a chance to impress me. I don’t own a blender at all, forget about a really fancy one, because I’ve found that my hand me down 25+ year old cuisinart handles all of my needs.

Here are the results:

8 strawberries with their leaves
1 apple, cored and cut into chunks
1 c. of frozen, chopped blue kale
1 c. of water

This made enough for two of those glasses full.

So as you can see, it definitely did not give me the smooth texture of a vitamix or similar blender. But it still tasted fine! I was chewing each sip a bit before swallowing, not necessarily bad. Regardless, I just had 1 leafy green and 2 fruit servings. Which is pretty darn good for me. I struggle with leafy greens, even though I know better, and I NEVER eat fresh fruit. The main reason for this? I buy fresh produce and forget about it, so it goes bad. So what I did instead was I started buying frozen greens (cheaper too!) and shaking them into everything I could. I can see this would be a really good healthy habit to get into, and I’d be eating raw & fresh, so even better. I’m pretty sure I’ll spring for the vitamix though (refurbished!); it does a lot of cool stuff! ; )

PS- I was also perusing GreenSmoothieGirl‘s youtube channel and found lots of good information, if you want to read/see more on the subject.